RADA Welcomes You!

The perfect place to enjoy the life and food.
RADA is the favourite hangout for coffee and conversations! We offer scrumptious menu and great service. The smell of an array of coffee beverages and mouth-watering range of gourmet delights wafts through the air and tempts you in the food joint. With each sip and bite, your taste buds are sent on a roller-coaster ride. As you enjoy the lip-smacking food and spend special moments, chit chatting with your friends and loved ones here, you create memories to cherish forever.

Our Menu

We’re proud of the range of both the coffee beverages that our cafe has, just as well as the range of snacks, pastry and lunches that we also do offer!
    Believe it or not, we have all sorts of coffee in the world.
    Amazing flavor of each cup is achieved by the exclusive roasting technology.
    Our team combines coffee experts from all over the world.